Swiss Made

The Fine Swiss Art of Watchmaking

As a quality label, the designation ‘Swiss Made’ needs no introduction. The Swiss have been renowned for their excellent watches for centuries.  The Swiss have developed the most complicated calibers, and the most reliable. They apply the finest materials, and with their obsessive eye for detail, they attain the highest level of finishing.

But why are Swiss watches so highly praised?

Originated in Germany in the early 1500s, the art of watchmaking developed further in Britain and France, only to grow to full maturity in Switzerland in the centuries that followed. Combining their long tradition of jewelry making with revolutionary inventions in movement technology and production methods in the late 18th and early 19th century, Switzerland was able to produce watches of excellent quality in great volumes. Watchmaking had become an essential industry for the Swiss.

With that, Switzerland became a leading, not to say the foremost region for excellent watchmaking. With famous brands like Longines, Patek Philippe, IWC and Omega, the Swiss took the lead, only to expand their predominance during the 20th and into the 21st century.

The methodical way in which the Swiss develop and manufacture their watches and organize watchmaking has inspired us.

Methodos watches are developed and manufactured in Switzerland